Why Install a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are structures made of brick, stone, rock, and other materials. They are typically designed to help eliminate erosion and stop soil and earth from being able to move downhill. They serve a tremendously practical purpose in the outdoor areas of homes, especially ones that aren’t built on flat ground. Retaining walls are just another aspect of your outdoor space and hardscaping. Gardens and your landscaping can be complimented as well. Read the rest of our blog to learn more about the benefits of retaining walls.

Stop Erosion

Like everything else on earth, the soil in your yard is subject to gravity. This leads to earth and soil running downhill and causing damage to. Basically, if your yard is sloped, there are always mini landslides occurring over time, and retaining walls help prevent that. If gone untreated, erosion compounds over time and cause even cause sinkholes in your yard. Nutrients and fertilizing products can be washed away and wasted if erosion is happening and not being mitigated. 

Add Space to Your Property

New England is very hilly, and if your home is built on a hilled property, you can feel you don’t have much space. Retaining walls can help you move earth and manage it better. Flattening out your land with a retaining wall can help your property look and feel larger. Flat space in your yard can be used for anything. Gardening, adding a fire pit to your yard, a patio, or more are all options once a retaining wall flattens your space. 

Mitigate Flooding

Erosion is land and soil running downhill. When water is coming down a sloped area, it leads to flooding once the water reaches the bottom of the hill. New England weather is stormy, so many homes are prone to flooding. Storms can leave your outdoor space a muddy mess. Retaining walls help keep water guided away from areas that they can do damage on your property. 

Boost The Aesthetic

As we alluded to, retaining walls can help create more room to enjoy your outdoor space. You can use this space to create a beautiful garden if you’ve got a green thumb. They’re functional, but they’ve got a design appeal to them as well. Retaining walls can be built from a huge range of materials; they just need to be able to retain whatever it is that they’re meant to. Landscape design is a growing way to tie your entire home’s exterior together. 

Add Value

Retaining walls provide value aesthetically and functionally, making them a smart investment in your home. They’re not very expensive for the benefits that they provide. 

Retaining walls can be important for preventing erosion, improving land use, and preventing damage to nearby structures. However, they must be properly designed and installed to ensure their safety and longevity. It is important to consult with a qualified engineer or contractor to determine the best type of retaining wall for your specific needs and site conditions. Contact our team at Lamacchia Landscape Construction today to learn more about our retaining wall building and other hardscaping services. 

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