Landscaping allows you to explore nature in the design of the exterior of your home. It also adds a great aesthetic appeal and improves the value of your home or property. Since plants and shrubs need conducive weather to thrive, it is wise to take on this project under favorable conditions. In reality, vegetation survives better in the fall than in summer or winter. 

Here is some more explanation on why the fall is a much better time to landscape:

4 Reasons Fall Is a Great Time to Landscape

It Leaves You With Time to Enjoy Your Art

Landscaping gives a unique appeal to the exterior of homes. People also find comfort in being surrounded by nature. That makes them invest time and energy into creating beautiful landscapes. Although trees may take a while to develop into full stature, flowers grow in a much shorter time. Setting up your landscape early in the fall gives you enough time to sit out and enjoy the scenery.

It Affords Better Working Conditions

Working in good weather goes a long way in improving productivity. The cool weather associated with autumn creates a good atmosphere for landscaping. In the fall, you do not have to endure scorching sunlight or constant rainfall while planting. This makes the task of planting less burdensome. You will also find the motivation to complete a beautiful job.

Little Supervision is Required

The weather in autumn is so great for plants that they develop firm roots without strict monitoring. Since the weather is fair, you do not have to worry about excessive moisture or sunlight. They have just enough to grow in readiness for spring.

Plants Thrive Better in the Fall

Flowers, shrubs, and trees develop better in the fall than in other seasons. The soil remains at a good temperature for the plants to flourish and grow well. Unlike the cold in autumn, the scorching sun in the summer will make the plants wilt and dry up. Excessive rainfall will also disturb the growth of the plants. This makes the fall the best time for landscaping.


There are only so many months in the fall. It is essential that you optimize autumn and put your landscape in place before winter. If you put in the work and set up your landscape, you can revel in it in a short while. Your home will take on a different look yet beautiful look. Contact Lamacchia today to get started on making your home’s outdoor space beautiful.

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