What Landscaping Projects Can be Tackled in the Winter?

The colder weather usually means spending more time indoors and focusing on home improvement projects on the interior. However, there are certain landscaping projects that can be tackled even in the wintertime when temperatures are too cold for plants to thrive, but not so cold that the ground is frozen solid. Checking a few landscaping projects off your to-do list this winter will make for an easier spring and summer! Check out some of the projects you can complete below.


Mulch serves a functional purpose beyond making your flower beds look prettier. Lay down some mulch in the winter to provide your plants’ root system with added insulation and maintain a steady soil temperature. Even though the plant is dormant, it isn’t dead! The roots need to be protected against cold temperatures so the plant can become active again in the spring.


Pruning is the process of removing dead branches, flowers, and leaves from plants. Pruning away the dead areas will allow new growth to flourish when the plant comes out of dormancy. Pruning when the entire plant is dormant is a lot easier too! You won’t have to worry about working around areas of the plant that are thriving. Different types of plants, bushes, and trees should be pruned differently, so take some time to research specific plants before you start cutting anything.

Winter Watering

Watering is the norm during spring, summer, and even fall, but most people stop in the winter. Your plants still need hydration even if it’s cold out! If there are more than 2 consecutive weeks without any snow, ice, or rain, water your plants. Use cold or room temperature water. It’s tempting to use hot water since the ground is so cold, but this will shock the root system and kill the plant.


Hardscaping projects are no small feat. They’re time-consuming and a lot of work, but so worth it when you see the end result! There’s no reason hardscaping can’t be done in the winter as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Completing a hardscaping project may actually be easier in the winter when the plants are dormant! You’ll have less to work around than you will in the spring or summer.


Adding lighting to your landscaping is a great way to add curb appeal, improve the functionality of walking paths, and create something unique for your space! Lighting can be installed and wired during the wintertime. Similarly, to hardscaping projects, installing lighting when plants are dormant is actually a lot easier because there are fewer obstacles to work around.

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