Types of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve multiple purposes. They serve the practical purpose of rerouting rainwater to protect your soil and landscaping, help to eliminate erosion in addition to stopping the soil and earth from being able to move. Functionality aside, they also have great aesthetic purpose by adding hardscaping beauty into any landscape! Most importantly they allow you to take sloped, unusable space and enlarge your usable living space in your back or front yard. 

We’ve gone over why you should invest in a retaining wall in our ‘” Why Install a Retaining Wall?” blog, but we’re back to explain the different types and styles you can choose from.  

Segmental interlocking block wall

A segmental interlocking block wall is the most common retaining wall that Lamacchia Landscape installs. These walls are made up of modular concrete blocks that interlock with each other. One of the many reasons why this type of retaining wall is the most popular is because of the variety of sizes, affordability, colors and textures they can possess. Due to these attributes, segmental interlocking walls can incorporate straight or curved lines making them more versatile.  

Cinder block retaining wall with veneer overlay

Most modern-day walls have concrete and cinderblock cores leaving the finished product not always that aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This is exactly why many contractors will suggest adding a veneer overlay as the finishing touch. veneer overlay is like the tiles in your shower or kitchen backsplash. The surface behind the veneer is the actual structure and the overlay is purely cosmetic. You options could be brick, or you can take natural stones in all different shapes and sizes, that are cut thin to allow to be “stamped” over the wall. 

Natural stone retaining wall

Just like its name, natural stone retaining walls are made from…natural stone. Since thesstones are allnatural, these specific types of retaining walls are as customizable as other materials. However, one of the greatest reasons to install a natural stone wall is for this exact reason, its unique and genuine look. All in all, this is a great option for truly anybody as these walls work well for many different retaining situations. Think of old new England stone walls you see all over our region. These can be done both dry or wet, round stone or flat, NE field stone, or PA fieldstone. The possibilities are endless! 

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