Tips to Reduce Salt Damage This Winter

As the winter months approach, many homeowners become increasingly concerned about the damage salt can cause to their landscape. Salt is essential for preventing ice from forming on roads, walkways, and driveways in colder climates, but it can damage grass and other plants nearby. To protect your landscape from salt damage this winter, here are a few tips you can follow.

Clear Away Snow as Soon as Possible

When snow accumulates during winter storms, removing it quickly is essential to remove it before the salt used to treat roads can seep into your yard and cause lasting harm. Shoveling away snow shortly after a storm prevents salt runoff from entering your yard and damaging plants and trees.

Use Sand Instead of Salt

Using sand instead of salt when needed can help keep your landscape safe from the harmful effects of melt products. Sand does not contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride like many salts used for de-icing. This makes sand an effective way to provide traction without worrying about salt runoff impacting your lawn or garden beds.

Plant Salt-Tolerant Varieties

Some species of plants are more resistant to salt than others, so select these varieties when planning out your garden design. For example, juniper bushes tolerate salty conditions, while rosebushes do not fare well against high levels of sodium chloride in the soil. Knowing which types of plants prosper in areas with high salinity levels will help ensure that your landscape remains intact throughout the chillier months ahead.

Install Barriers Around Your Yard

To further optimize protection for your outdoor space, consider installing barriers such as berms or walls around vulnerable areas like gardens or flower beds where intense exposure could occur due to higher concentrations of de-icing chemicals being spread by plows or application trucks on adjacent streets/roads. Doing this will further reduce the risks associated with any nearby surface runoff occurring during winter weather events.

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