Tips for Designing the Perfect Walkway for Your Home

A walkway outside your home is a great way to add functionality and style to your space. Walkways seem simple in theory, but making it into a reality takes a lot of precision so no detail is overlooked. Check out these tips to make sure you’re designing the perfect walkway for your home!

Plan it Out

For a walkway to be truly great, it needs to be functional. Plan out where you want the walkway to go and what purpose it’s actually serving. A walkway that makes it more difficult to get from point A to point B is going to be annoying to you and anyone else who uses the path. Take your time deciding where the path should go and making it functional before you worry about the aesthetics of it.

Choose the Right Material

You can create a walkway with concrete for a low price, but the concrete will look just like another boring sidewalk and won’t stand up great over time. Natural stone pavers are the best choice if you want a walkway that’s both beautiful and durable. Natural stone pavers come in different colors, so finding the perfect fit for your design plan will be no problem!

Add Landscaping

Adding landscaping around the walkway will add to the visual experience when you’re walking the path. Landscaping can be used to border the walkway and add focal points at curves or turns. Choosing the right landscaping will largely depend on the space you have to work with, the region that you live in, and the style you’re going for. Hire a landscaping professional to ensure you’re choosing the right plants and they’re being planted properly so they will survive the transition.

Enhance the Walkway with Lights

Use LED or solar lights to brighten the walkway at dusk and dawn. LED lights are brighter than solar lights so you won’t need as many. Outdoor lights come in a variety of styles and colors so you can find one that will really match the landscaping and pavers you’ve chosen. Start with just a few lights and then add more – the most common mistake with walkway lights is installing too many.

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