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The Lamacchia Difference

We are a company that specializes in hardscape and masonry work! Our expertly skilled craftsmen are doing this work EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! We have a massive crew all of which are fully trained in the services we provide. We can always guarantee quality work is done the correct way! Those seeking hardscaping/masonry services should be aware that many landscaping companies do this while trying to break into the hardscape/masonry industry. We take one job at a time to ensure our jobs are getting done the correct way.

Costly Mistakes to Avoid

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait and see what happens when you hire an amateur.

Dust & Smoke

There should not be any smoke or dust created by work being done at your house. We use a tank of water which helps to cool down the blade ensuring that dust or smoke is not created.

“Silica dust is made up of small particles that become airborne during work activities with materials that contain crystalline silica.” – CDC


Breathing in silica dust is extremely harmful and can lead to Silicosis. This is why it is imperative to hire a company that knows how to avoid this dangerous dust from being created at a job site. 

The Wrong Way

The Right Way

Filled Cell Blocks & Interlocking Walls

Very few contractors filled the cells of concrete or segmental block, but we do. When left hollow, you allow for water to fil those voids in the winter which will result in added pressure on the wall due to freeze thaw cycles. Results in cracking, splitting, and a failed wall.

Alternatively, when you correctly and appropriately fill all the cells with concrete or stone, you have a structure that will last for decades and decades. Make sure your contractor does not cut corners.

The Right Way

Properly Shutdown Job Site

At the end of a workday your job site should be properly shut down. What should this look like? Everything is neat and tidy, with no tools laying around, no trash left behind. Heavy equipment and machinery should be parked neatly and safely. Keys should not be left in the ignitions for children to attempt to start or operate the machines, potentially harming themselves.

Caution tape or orange constriction fencing surrounding the incomplete project to ensure the safety of our clients, the neighborhood and wildlife.

Lastly, once a project begins it should be followed through to completion. Be sure to confirm your timeline from beginning to end with your contractor before you give them any money.

Hidden PVC Pipe

Installing drainage pipes so that water is directed from behind the wall to an intended exit point is critical to the lifespan of a retaining wall.

When water isn’t properly directed to a drainage pipe, the water sits against the earth and the wall allows for added stress and pressure from freeze thaw cycles, compromising the integrity and life of the wall.

Additionally, be sure your contractor does not use bright-colored pipes that will stand out against your natural stone and be an eye sore. As you can see in the picture with the stone veneer, we use a gray pipe that more naturally blends in with the color of the stone.

The Right Way

Paved Edging

The wrong way to pave an edge is with cement. Notice the cement along the brick walkway. This is the cheap way to do it.

What should happen is that 1-foot spikes go into the ground and the heavy-duty, durable plastic paved edge leans against the pavers and holds it all in place.

The Wrong Way

The Right Way

Dying Arborvitaes

These bushes are dying for many reasons. One being that they are planted a little too close together. Second, they were not given a crib or a bed where the plants should sit. This means the water is running off instead of sitting and seeping into the plants. They needed a wall instead of the cobblestone edging. This was the cheaper option but look what that less expensive option did to their plantings. As you can see some were planted beneath the shade which is not good placement for something that needs sunlight to grow and stay alive. If they didn’t die already now, they would’ve this winter as they would have gotten too wind burned. What should have happened was a wall should have been built giving them a secure area to grow and live in. Lastly, whomever planted these arborvitaes did so first, then weeks later after the dirt had already started to fall down, added the cobblestone.

The Wrong Way

Properly Installed Pavers

The paved edge wasn’t put here to secure the pavers but in addition, there is no base put down prior to installing the pavers. This company just laid pavers on dirt without a base of stone dust and crushed run.


The Wrong Way

The Right Way

Resetting Bluestone

Resetting an old bluestone patio or an interlocking patio are calls we receive quite often. We follow a specific procedure when it comes to this process as it’s a delicate one. 

The Right Way

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