Thinking of sprucing up your home’s exterior? Give your front or backyard a makeover with different types of masonry materials, perfect for adding the classic feel you’ve been searching for. With this knowledge under your belt, go ahead and take on all kinds of projects requiring masonry expertiseit’ll be even easier when equipped! 


Most people think of brick when imagining masonry work. Brick is a long-lasting material that requires little maintenance over time. This popular material is commonly on a home’s exterior, including the fireplace and chimney. A brick has many uses, and you can get far more creative than the typical ones.  


If you watch many home remodeling shows, you’re familiar with granite. It is a common feature in many modern outdoor kitchens, as granite countertops are lower in cost than some alternatives yet still look classy and high-end. Granite is also ideal for exterior staircases, as it holds up well to various dangers. 

Natural Stone

Natural stones, including limestone, sandstone, and flagstone, are typically used to add character to a home. Landscaping, retaining walls, and accent walls see a lot of natural stonework. While some stones require more maintenance and care, a natural stone can provide a calming atmosphere to your home’s interior or exterior.  


Durability is the name of the game with concrete. Concrete and concrete blocks are standard components of American homes, particularly within the foundation. More modern uses include poured concrete countertops and other design features. A great mason can use concrete to craft valuable items in your home.  

Get Masonry Help

A masonry expert can help you get the look you want to achieve. Lamacchia Landscape Construction is capable of all masonry work.  When you’re ready to start a new masonry project, be it a retaining wall or fixing a staircase, Lamacchia Landscape Construction is the expert you should consider contacting.  

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