Spring Lawn Maintenance Tips

As a homeowner taking care of your lawn should be a priority. Lawn care can be a tedious and tasking process, but it is necessary nonetheless. Soil scientists have discovered that spring is the best time to engage in extensive lawn care. The amount of time it will take to care for your lawn depends on the climate in your region.

Gently rake the lawn

The first thing to do when preparing to take care of your lawn will be to take it. Spring raking is done to remove thatch that is more profound than half an inch. Thatch is a layer of dead grass accumulated from the previous year. It is advisable to use a flexible rake when working on your lawn. Rake thoroughly but gently to break up clumps of thatch. If, after clearing your property, you notice an accumulation of grass blades, it might be a sign that your lawn is infected with the disease, Snow mold.

Properly aerate your lawn

If you have a big family that engages in outdoor activities, there will likely be a lot of soil compaction on your property. Getting a lawn aerator means adequately supplying the grassroots with water and air. There may be various reasons why you will need to aerate your lawn during spring, and as stated earlier, if there is soil compaction, then new plants won’t be able to grow on your property.

Assess your lawn's soil

If aggregates of Moss are found on your property, it could be a sign of acidic soil. Most grasses prefer a neutral pH; moss growth will be present if this veers towards the tart side. You can return your soil to a normal pH in various ways, such as by using limestone. Liming is not an instant fixer, as it takes quite a while before you start to see the results on your lawn. Before treating your soil with limestone, you should contact an expert, as excess use will lead to the ground becoming too alkaline, which also poses problems.

Use fertilizers

To top dress, lawns can be fertilized by using organic compost. Scientists have recommended a lighter fertilizer during spring and a much heavier one during late fall. Applying too much fertilizer to your lawn in spring can lead to weed problems as long as disease conditions. By fertilizing heavily during fall, you leave some residue for your property to use during spring.

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