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Snow & Ice Removal Services

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dependable snow and ice prevention services

Don’t allow New England winter weather to add more stress on your company.

Winter weather can be tough especially in New England, but Lamacchia Landscape Construction is here to help. Our team knows how critical it is to keep your property safe and accessible, no matter how much snow falls or ice accumulates. Trust us to take care of everything, snow-related.

We are adding to the fleet for next Winter and our commercial snow plowing division has 8 available openings for Winter 2023-2024

Our SNow Removal services include:

  • Pre-treatment   
  • Plowing and shoveling services   
  • Post-treatment   
  • Salt   
  • Sanding  
  • Sweeping and cleaning at the end of season 
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Snowplowing & Ice Prevention Experts

Our commercial snowplowing division has brand new equipment, and experienced drivers that have worked with us for years. 

Our seasoned crew is ready to take on all your snow removal needs. We do not take on more work than we should to allow for immediate service when needed and we will always be in constant communication with you. 


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