Preparing Your Patio for the Springtime

There’s only one way to get through winter: think about spring! Imagining warmer weather, gorgeous flowers, and time spent outdoors has a way of making time fly by. Why not use the time left of winter to prepare your patio for the springtime? Then, you’ll be ready to host and have more time to focus on your spring to-do list for the rest of the home. Use these tips to prepare your patio for spring before winter is over!

Inspect the Patio

Inspecting the surface of your patio is the easiest way to identify any potential hazards. Look for settlement, cracks, holes, flaking concrete, and anything else that looks out of place. Take note of these areas so they can be discussed with a landscaping and patio expert. Your patio likely just needs to be resurfaced and filled in, but it definitely isn’t a DIY job!

Lighten Up

Adding lights to your patio will transform an otherwise dull space into an outdoor paradise. Winter is a great time to install patio lights because there are fewer flowers, shrubs, and trees to work around. Since plants are dormant, you won’t have to worry about damaging any beautiful blooms either! There are a wide variety of patio lights to choose from. Rather you prefer contemporary pathway lighting or twinkling fairy lights up ahead, don’t be afraid to brighten up your patio for spring!

Choose a Color Theme

Take a look at your existing patio furniture and décor. Decide if you like what you have or not. If you like it, take note of the primary and accent colors seen in the items. If you don’t love what you have, take this as a sign to upgrade! Take some time to research plants that have the same color scheme as your patio furniture and décor. Creating a cohesive color scheme between your landscaping and the items on your patio will take your outdoor space to the next level!

Assign Entertaining Spaces

Consider how you’re currently using your patio space. A lot of people think the best option is to use it all as one big space, but there’s another option. adding more furniture and plants to break up the patio into assigned entertaining sections can actually make it feel better! The areas you’re able to assign will depend on the size of your patio. An eating area, a hangout spot by the fire, and a table for family game nights are just a few examples of how the space can be used.

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