Prepare Your Hardscape For The Winter Months

Here at Lamacchia Landscape, we understand that winters in New England are cold, and gloomy and can be very hard on your home. In order to prepare your home for the frigid temperatures and rough weather ahead it is important that you add hardscape preparation to your fall cleanup schedule. This will ensure your outdoor space will be good as new once the snow melts.

patio in the wintertime

5 Steps to Prepare Your Hardscape for the Winter:

1. Clean Up

The first step in preparing your hardscape is to clean off your stone, patio, walkway, and driveway. You can do so by power washing or giving it a good sweep, this will ensure a smaller cleanup in the spring. While you’re sweeping and power washing looks out for any weeds that you can pull or any damages in your stone that may get worse once winter arises.

2. Purchase a Plastic Shovel

With winter comes heavy snow which calls for snow cleanup. Metal shovels have the potential to pull up, scrape and damage your stone. In order to preserve the look and stability of your stone purchase a plastic shovel.

3. Purchase De-icer

No one likes a slippery and wet driveway in the winter. To ensure you are protecting yourself and your hardscape, invest in a deicer that is made up of potassium chloride or sand. As rock salt or ice melt can eat away at your driveway or steps and can cause you more money in the long run.

4. Fill Any Cracks

Give your hardscape extra cushion of protection by filling in any cracks in your stone with sand. By doing so you are ensuring your brick or stone will not move due to weather changes or snow removal.

5. Prepare Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you have an outdoor entertainment area like a fire pit or outdoor kitchen it is important to cover and protect it. If you have a grill outside and do not plan on using it in the winter, consider making a spot for it in a shed or garage. If you have a complete outdoor kitchen, cover your sink, shut off the water supply, seal the countertop, and disconnect the electricity.

Do you have any questions on how to prepare your landscape or hardscape for the winter months? Need snow plowing and ice prevention services? The experts here at Lamacchia Landscape Construction can help!

We have years of experience enhancing landscape designs and weather preparation and can’t wait to help with yours as well! Give us a call directly at 877-856-9273, we look forward to speaking with you!

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