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The appearance of your driveway creates an impression of your home and way of life. An inviting driveway provides a focal point for passers-by and visitors approaching your home. An attractive driveway, one with “curb appeal,” adds value to your home investment. In fact, homebuyers may even prejudge the upkeep and condition of the house based upon the condition of the driveway.


Potholes are a common occurrence on driveways, especially in New England. Anywhere there’s asphalt could develop potholes. Not only are potholes unsightly, but they can also be dangerous to both pedestrians and vehicles. Potholes in your driveway can cause damage to your car or the car of anyone who visits your home. They also pose a major safety risk for anyone walking up or down your driveway. As a homeowner, you could be responsible if someone suffers an injury in your driveway. Preventing potholes is much easier than dealing with the consequences of a large pothole left unchecked! As you can see from our gallery above we do these types of jobs every day. To receive a free consultation on how to make your backyard like a resort by this summer click the link below

What Causes Potholes?

Potholes in asphalt occur when snow or ice melts and the water starts to move the soil under the pavement. They can also happen when water goes into a crack in the pavement and then freezes. Since water expands when it turns to ice, the crack will gradually get bigger until it turns into a pothole

Inspecting Your Driveway

One of the best ways to prevent potholes in your driveway is by getting an annual inspection done by an experienced contractor. They will evaluate your pavement and mark the places that are in need of repair. That may include cracks, uneven areas, and places where the asphalt is starting to crumble.

Improve Drainage Systems

Water, ice, and snow are all the primary causes of potholes. Improving the drainage system around your driveway will help minimize standing water that could freeze and lead to potholes. Drainage systems can be improved in a variety of ways depending on what’s wrong with your current system

Repair Cracks Early

In addition to your yearly inspection, it’s important to keep a close eye on your driveway. If you see the start of a crack, schedule a service to have it repaired as soon as possible. A small crack can turn into a pothole before you know it. Prevention is so much easier than repairing a large pothole.

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