Matt Maguire Joins Lamacchia Landscape Construction as Designer

Matt Maguire headshot and callout as designer for Lamacchia Landscape Co

With the significant growth of Lamacchia Landscape Construction, specifically in the hardscape area over the past year, we are thrilled to announce our newest position of Designer and welcome Matt Maguire to our team. Matt is related to the Lamacchia’s and worked for Joe senior as a teenager in the summers years ago.

Matt Maguire, sketching a landscape design for a customer's home

As the number of projects with elaborate and customized design work continues to be in high demand, it was time to bring on a full-time, in-house designer. The new design assistance complements the one-stop service offered to our customers, including everything from designing to installing to transform your outdoor experience.

After graduating from Keene State College with his Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Matt quickly learned that landscape design was his passion. Having a landscaping and landscape construction background made him the perfect fit for the team.

"I have always had a fascination for design as well as a passion for landscape construction, at LLC I have the best of both worlds! I am very excited to grow not just my own skills, but to have the opportunity to provide a whole new aspect of design for our customers."
Matt Maguire, holding design plans for a waltham home's landscape project
Matt Maguire
In-House Designer

Lamacchia specializes in hardscape with our team of expertly skilled craftsmen. As we say, “If it’s Outside your Home, we do it.” With the addition of our new design service, we can offer even more of a customized variety and experience for your outdoor space. In addition to the offering, we can also get the plans done much more efficiently and make changes on the fly instead of having to go to a contracted designer or architect. Matt is happy to be already coordinating with engineers on jobs with large drainage systems, large retaining walls, and landscape architects that some customers previously hired.

Lamacchia Landscape Construction specializes in all phases of landscape installation, hardscaping, masonry, asphalt paving, and drainage services. With the expansion of the in-house design services, Lamacchia can bring your ideas to life, giving you a visualization of what your project would look like before we begin.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about upgrading your home’s exterior or need some inspiration.

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