Landscaping Ideas That’ll Increase Your Home’s Value

When it comes to spending money on home improvement projects, most homeowners want to put their money somewhere that will increase the home’s overall value. This can be extremely beneficial if you decide to sell your home later down the road because you’ll get some of the money back that you invested into improving the home! Updates will also make your home more appealing to potential buyers and help get it off the market quicker. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll get to enjoy the perks of the updates on a daily basis while you live there! Check out these updates that can be made to the exterior of your home to increase the overall value and make it look better than ever.

Custom Patio Features

Custom patio features come with a higher price tag in the beginning, but you can’t beat something that’s designed specifically for your home. Two of the most common custom patio features are custom built-in seating and a custom fire feature. Built-in seating will make the patio space feel larger since less of the actual patio floor will be filled with store-bought furniture. A custom fire feature adds a focal point to your patio, drawing the eye in and providing warmth so you can use your patio more months out of the year.

Outdoor Kitchen Elements

Entertaining on your patio is great until you have to juggle food, drinks, and other kitchen items outside just to enjoy a meal on your gorgeous patio. Adding outdoor kitchen elements and storage options will allow you to do all of your prep work, cooking, and serving without making trips in and out of the house! Outdoor kitchens can be as detailed as an indoor kitchen or just include a grill and sink.

High-Quality Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is not cheap, but it’s an investment worth making! You should include 3 types of exterior lighting to increase the value of your home. First, a functional overhead lighting feature. You can get a classy outdoor chandelier, a classic overhead light with a fan, and just about anything in between! Next, you need to add functional lighting. This should be put in areas where you need to pay attention to detail. The entrance of the patio, around the stairs, and near the food prep area are a few examples of functional lighting locations. Finally, add a few unique lighting pieces around the perimeter of your patio and landscape design to add to the ambiance of the space.

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