Landscaping Ideas for Your Pool Area

There’s nothing better than walking into your backyard to find a relaxing oasis that features a pool as the natural focal point. Whether you like to lay beside the pool to catch a tan, hop in for some fun exercise, or entertain your guests with a poolside meal, having landscaping that meets the beauty of the water is essential! There are many different directions you can go with landscaping design around a pool. Check out some of these most common landscaping design ideas that will enhance the experience of your outdoor oasis!

Modern and Clean

If plants aren’t your thing, that’s okay! Opting for a lush lawn that looks healthy and full is a popular choice among homeowners who want a crisp, clean, and modern design plan. Add large pavers in a geometrical pattern to create some variety and add a stylish flair. With no plants to care for, keeping your lawn looking gorgeous will be a breeze!

Classic Hedges

Hedges are a timeless pool landscaping choice. Hedges add some privacy to your pool area. Hedges are easy to care for too! They will need to be trimmed to maintain a good shape, but a professional landscaping company can get the job done in no time.

Low Maintenance Herbs and Grasses

If you want a more natural and floral look than plain grass or hedges, stick to low-maintenance herbs and grasses. Lavender is a great example of an herb that looks beautiful, smells great, and requires little to no work from you! Oriental grasses pair effortlessly with herbs to add some variety and depth to your landscaping design.


If the idea of pretty landscaping appeals to you but the work involved seems like too much, opt for a large planter instead! Planters give you the ability to bring floral beauty to the space in a container that’s just as stunning. Find a planter that you love and then add 3 types of plants. First, a tall plant will act as a focal point. Next, a medium height plant fills in the space around the tall plant. Finally, a low plant that will grow over the sides of the planter. Keep this same theme throughout multiple planters around the pool for a design that’s sure to impress!

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