Have a small backyard but still want to incorporate some awesome landscaping ideas? Even if your backyard is pretty tight, there are landscaping options that are possible, they’ll just be at a smaller scale.  

Small-scale backyards are sometimes great because they allow you to create a nice and cozy space. While you might not be able to incorporate everything you would like, you can still do a lot with your smaller space. Here are some landscaping ideas you can incorporate into your small backyard!  

Divide the Yard Up

If you were to divide your backyard into different sections, it would help the yard seem bigger than it is. Consider adding small shrubs throughout your yard to divide the space. This will allow you to have different areas for entertaining, gardening, and relaxing.  

Install a small patio

By installing a patio in the corner of your yard you can have a beautiful area to dine or relax while also giving the illusion of a bigger backyard. On your patio, you can add a hammock, table, chairs, and maybe even a grill. This will give you an area to add these outdoor essentials.  

Install Vertical Garden Beds

If you want to make sure you still have garden space in your small backyard, consider adding garden beds that are vertically tiered. With this idea, you won’t have to waste any of your yard space but can still have a gorgeous garden.  

Utilize Your Sideyard

Do you have space on the side of your home? If so, utilize it! You can install a paver walkway leading to the backyard which can further extenuate the space. A hardscape walkway adds great contrast to shrubs, flowers, and trees around your home.  

When to Call the Landscaping Professionals

If you’re unsure exactly how you’d like to design the landscaping for your small backyard, the professionals at Lamacchia Landscape Construction can help! We have the knowledge and tools to create a gorgeous space for you and your family. A welcoming and beautiful backyard isn’t always dependent on size, it’s about how to use the space wisely! Contact us today! 877-856-9273 

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