How to Plan for The Installation of Your Hot-Tub & Protect the Warranty

When it comes to upgrading the exterior of your home, many people first think of the basics; Adding a walkway, planting some shrubbery or trees, or maybe even adding a patio. However, if if you want to step a little out of the ordinary and add an element that is functional and will bring great value to you and your family, a hot tub is a great addition! There’s nothing more relaxing after a long day’s work than stepping into a hot bubbling jacuzzi with a glass of wine. If you’re considering adding a jacuzzi to your outdoor space, we have some tips for you to start planning. Learn more below about what you’ll want to keep in mind, to ensure the installation of your new hot tub is hassle-free! 

Where in the Yard Should a Hot Tub Be Installed?

First, you’ll want to determine the location of your hot tub. For safety reasons, the hot tub should be moved away from any overhead powerlines (a minimum of 10 feet is recommended.) If possible, you’ll also want to place your jacuzzi in a sheltered area to protect yourself from any harsh weather while in the spa. This can also help to reduce the cost of operations and maintenance on your jacuzzi. You’ll also want to consider putting your hot tub away from any reflective surfaces or glass, as the heat deflected from these surfaces may cause damage to the synthetic cabinet panels. Lastly, once you’ve taken into consideration these safety precautions, you’ll want to choose a spot in your yard that you love! You want to have a pleasant view while you’re relaxing, so if you have a garden or particularly beautiful area of your landscape that you enjoy, you may want to consider putting it nearby. You’ll also want to consider an area that offers privacy, perhaps an area that is fenced in or surrounded by trees. Additionally, if you live in an area such as New England with cold snowy winters, it’s a good idea to have the spa close to your backdoor or pool house so that you can get inside and warm up quickly! If you’re unsure where the best spot in your yard is to place the jacuzzi, a professional will be able to guide you!

What Types of Foundation Can be Used?

One of the most important considerations when installing a hot tub is having a strong foundation that can support the weight of the spa, water, and occupants. You want the base to be smooth, flat, and level. While you can use a synthetic pad or wood decking with a concrete foundation, it’s highly recommended to have a concrete pad if possible. A poured, reinforced concrete slab with a minimum of 4 inches will provide the most support for your hot tub. Having a concrete pad will also help to keep your warranty valid. If a spa is placed on a surface that doesn’t meet the proper requirements and damage occurs, it will not be covered under the warranty. 

Other Considerations to Protect the Warranty

In addition to a proper foundation, there are a few other factors to consider in order to protect your hot tub’s warranty. Below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to use the power cord provided by the manufacturer. Using another power cord may void the warranty on the hot tub.
  • Never use an extension cord of any kind; The use of an extension cord can cause the risk of shock, product damage, or an electrical fire. If damages occur with the use of an extension cord, it will not be covered under warranty. 
  • All electrical connections must meet the specifications as stated in the document in order to keep the warranty valid. 

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If you’re considering installing a hot tub to upgrade your exterior, it’s crucial to first ensure you have a solid foundation. As mentioned, a minimum 4-inch concrete slab is recommended. Lamacchia Landscape Construction can provide quality concrete services to set a strong foundation for your hot tub. As a trusted landscape company in the Newton MA area and beyond, you can count on our team for quality services. Contact us today to learn more and get started! 

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