How to Improve Drainage in Your Driveway

Your driveway is the first thing anyone sees when they drive up to your home or business. Having a driveway with proper drainage helps to avoid puddles, potholes, cracks, and other unsightly damages to the pavement. A driveway with poor drainage can even lead to water damage in the basement of your home or damage to your landscaping. Improving the drainage of your driveway is possible with the help of an experienced contractor. There are a variety of methods a contractor can use to improve your driveway drainage, but some of the most common include:

Driveway Maintenance

A damaged driveway is more likely to have poor drainage. If your driveway has uneven pavement, cracks, potholes, or pavement that’s crumbling away, an inspection and maintenance is the first step towards improving the drainage. Maintenance may include filling cracks, resealing the pavement, and more! Your driveway should be inspected annually and repaired as needed.

Subsurface Drainage System

A subsurface drainage system is one of the most expensive solutions for a driveway with poor drainage, but it’s also the most effective and long-lasting solution. A subsurface drainage system is installed under the pavement to allow water to drain from the driveway and then be routed away from the property. This is a great solution for people in more rural areas that are lacking good street drainage systems. Subsurface drainage systems are more expensive because they’re installed under the pavement. That means the current pavement has to be removed, the drainage system is installed, and a new layer of pavement has to be laid on top. If your driveway is already badly damaged and in need of some repaving, that’s the perfect time to get a subsurface drainage system installed!


Stormwater has a tendency to pool at the entrance of driveways. Swales are a type of drainage solution that specifically targets this stormwater issue and helps to prevent future pooling in the driveway. Swales are installed at the edges of your driveway near the entrance. When it storms, water will run into the swales and get routed away from your driveway to prevent water pooling on the pavement.


Most asphalt companies just want to pave and pave. We are the drainage experts who have civil engineers at the ready. We enjoy the difficult jobs and the challenges that come with any drain-related problems.  

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