We offer high quality installation teams in the following cities and towns of Massachusetts:
Belmont, Brookline, Dover, Lexington, Lincoln, Natick, Needham, Newton, Sherborn, Waltham, Watertown, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston

Most companies will just lay a top layer onto your driveway. The problem with that is the underlaying issues with your driveway, it’s broken structure, are still there. They’re just masked for a little while. Lamacchia Landscape Construction BUILDS a new driveway by pulling out the old structure and creating a solid new one. Your new driveway will last for years to come.

You can drive on your new driveway after about 7 to 10 days. However, do not park on the driveway for approximately 14-20 days depending on the weather. Try not to park on the same spot on the driveway for the first year or so to prevent structural damage.

Asphalt is not concrete. It can take up to four years to completely cure. If the surface is still very black, it has not fully hardened. Until your driveway is fully cured, treat the surface as gently as possible! Avoid turning wheels while your car is stopped. Don’t put barbeques, card tables, etc. on an uncured asphalt driveway. On hot days, watering surface helps reduce softening of asphalt.

Of course! When you get an estimate from us, you will also receive copies of all workers comp and liability certificates. You can trust Lamacchia Landscape Construction.

If you have landscape architect plans, we can absolutely use them. However, if you don’t, please give us a call first. Often we can make beautiful plans ourselves which will save you thousands of dollars.

The important thing to remember with brick is that it is porous. Do NOT use rock salt on brick surfaces. You can use some calcium chloride if you must de-ice your brick patio or walkway. However, it is very important to only use about 50% of what is recommended on the package.

Stonework is very durable and does not require any special cleaning or care.

We handle all the necessary permits, calls to DIG SAFE and police detail (if it’s necessary). You just sit back, relax and let us handle all those pesky details.

Estimates can be scheduled Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm. Saturday estimates are available during the Spring and Fall. Please call or email us to schedule an estimate.

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Request Your Free Estimate

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