If poly sand is done correctly, you should not have to worry about it for 5+ years. After that time, you should expect to have to pressure wash and re-poly sand your patio every 2-3 years. 

For seed lawns, water 2x daily (once in the morning, once in the afternoon) for upwards of 25 minutes each watering for the duration of the month post-completion. 

  1. For the duration of the month: Please water 2x daily (once in the morning, once in the evening) for upwards of 25 minutes with each watering.
  2. After the first month, you can decrease the watering to once a day for a few weeks and then to only 3-4 times a week.  Except for the 90-plus degree days in the summer, they must be watered on those days for the first year. 
  3. New bushes and trees are like babies- they need constant watering, monitoring, and care! 

4. Before winter, some trees or bushes may need to be wrapped or tied- Lamacchia can help with this. 

As long as you are not installing on frozen ground there is no issue with doing this kind of work in the winter. Of course, we always watch the weather closely during this time of year.

The best time to do a sod lawn is anytime that the ground is not frozen. Seed lawns are best done the first 3 weeks of September but can be done in the spring. However, there is a chance of crabgrass taking over in July and August. 

Yes, we work year-round, weather permitting in the Winter. 

Sealed pavers are best when you have overhead tree limbs, oak trees, any trees that drop fruits, leaves, or saps. The best thing to do in this scenario would be to use a paver that comes pre-sealed from the factory. If you did not get a pre-sealed paver and you’d like to add it, it can be done.  

If there are no trees above your patio, it is unnecessary to seal your pavers.  

Pressure-washing your pavers every season or two can help prevent soil buildup in the joints which leads to grass and weeds coming from the top. The grass and weeds do not come from underneath. It happens from the top with material getting stuck in the joints so it is best to pressure wash your patio once every year or two.

Pavers are pressed concrete with a dye added. Bluestone, granite, and limestone are all natural stones. Natural stones are stronger, denser and have longer lifespans. There is an increase in material costs and labor considering each piece must be set individually. It really comes down to personal preference and budget.

Yes, all our work is guaranteed. Lawns and plantings have a 12-month warranty as long as they are receiving adequate watering. For patios and walkways there is a 3-year warranty on settlement. We also offer a 3-year warranty on settlement for asphalt driveways. 

**Many of the paver and wall blocks that we use do come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. 

Yes, we offer an annual plan that includes the core services required to keep your property looking pristine twelve months a year. Click here to learn more.

You must wait 1 full year for your driveway to cure before seal coating your driveway.  

Yes, you can walk on your driveway the day after it’s installed.

In the spring and fall you need to wait 7 days to drive and park on your new driveway. In addition, cars must refrain from making hard turns for 24 months, especially in the warm summer months. Click here to learn more about the process.

Not if the patio is installed correctly. Just like anything in construction the project is only as good as the base it is laid on.  

We set our patios to have 1% pitch. Which is approx. 1/8’’ of pitch over every foot. This allows for a flat look when looking at the patio with the naked eye and the feel of level while walking/ sitting. But enough for water to run off the surface and not pool. 

No, both smooth and textured pavers are not slippery. They provide the same or better traction than standard concrete or asphalt.

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