Everything You Need to Know About Sod

Many people are familiar with sod in that it is instant, green grass. There are no seeds or hay necessary; roll out some sod and the landscaping looks much better. With sod, you have no reason to tend to your lawn on a daily basis to get seeds sprouting. Everything you need to know about sod starts with the benefits.

Sod Decreases Mud

Sod cuts down on the presence of dust. With less dust comes less mud. Of course, water and dirt will always produce mud. Fortunately, sod means that less dust is present and less water is able to reach dirt. Thus, sod decreases mud.

Provides a Great Play Area

Have you dreamed of having a beautiful yard for your dog to run in or your kids to play in? If so, sod can help you make that dream come true quickly. Your dog will be able to run and your kids will be able to play on sod, which becomes regular grass over time.

  • Sod grows roots and attaches itself to the existing soil.
  • Sod becomes a permanent field of grass.
  • Sod is not a temporary solution.

It is Good for the Environment

Sod, as with any plant, produces oxygen. It also serves to absorb carbon dioxide. These actions are important to contribute to making an impact on climate change. Additionally, sod allows for a cooler atmosphere, both in regards to climate change and in general. Where dark-colored soil would have attracted heat, green grass will do better to cool your space.

Cut Down on Noise Pollution

As a soft material, sod acts to muffle noise in the environment. Compare the noises that you hear on blacktop and in a field. Where sound reverberates across a hard blacktop, it gets absorbed into grass. If your home is in a busy neighborhood, on a well-traveled street, or subject to a busy city’s noises, sod can help cut down on noise pollution. Of course, sod isn’t going to soundproof your home, but it will make an impact on the level of noise you are exposed to.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

It can be shocking to see the difference some sod can make on your curb appeal. If your property is strictly dirt, has completely dead grass, or lacks some color, sod can improve your home’s look fast. It can be a great way to not only make your home look better but increase the value quickly. The landscaping of a home has an impact on the worth.

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