Considering an Outdoor Fireplace? Here’s What You Should Know

Have you been daydreaming about cool evenings outside in front of a fire? You gather with friends and family with beverages and snacks, a fire blazing in the hearth as the crickets sing. It’s a pretty picture. If it is a picture you’ve been thinking about, there are some things you should know about an outdoor fireplace.  

You May Need Permits or Insurance Adjustments

Unfortunately, you can only add an outdoor fireplace on a whim in some areas. It commonly requires you to jump through a few legal hoops. You may need to obtain building permits or licenses. It is also possible that regulations exist in your area regarding the type of fireplace you can have. Be sure to contact your local government regarding the legalities of an outdoor fireplace.  

Design is Dependent on the Designation

When you envision your fireplace, you might see something intended for décor. However, if you plan to use the fireplace for cooking, the chosen design may not work. In choosing an outdoor fireplace, you will first need to know what you plan to do with it. You will have more options if it is solely for warmth and ambiance. If your fireplace has a different purpose, it is crucial to narrow your design options to those that fit your intended purpose.  

Consider Location Factors

While you may want an outdoor fireplace on your patio near the backdoor, something else might work out. Most outdoor fireplaces must be 10 feet from the home or other structures. There must be adequate space away from foliage and wires, and you must consider the ground and wind direction. A professional can help you determine the best possible locations for your fireplace. 

Fuel is an Important Consideration

Do you want a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace? The differences between the two types include cost, aesthetics, and efficiency. Where wood-burning fireplaces are cheaper to create and maintain, they require more effort to keep burning. They also offer a warm and rustic aesthetic that is hard to obtain with a gas fireplace. 

A gas fireplace is cleaner than the alternative. It is easier to start and maintain, and it can offer different aesthetics with the ability to change the colors of the flames. Even though gas is more expensive than wood, the benefits can be convincing.  

Fireplace Help

Choosing an outdoor fireplace can be complicated, especially if this is your first time doing something like it. If you’re feeling out of your element, help is available. Lamacchia Landscape Construction is knowledgeable in all things about fireplaces. Get in touch with us today!  

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