Building Your Backyard Oasis Takes Months of Planning

Did you miss out in 2021? Schedules fill up fast, and 2022 will be just as busy for you.

Now is the time to start planning if you want to enjoy your backyard for the summer of 2022.

A common question asked is, “how long will it take?” In our experience at Lamacchia Landscape Construction, larger-scale projects that cost $30,000 or more can take three and sometimes as much as six months to plan correctly. It depends on the type of work needed. It is not always that the larger it is, the longer it takes. We have had jobs well over $100,000 only take a couple of months to get planned out and scheduled. However, when a permit is needed, architectural or engineering plans are required and can make the process longer.

It is essential to understand and complete the design, planning, and permitting phases before the work begins. Building an outdoor living area might seem simple at first until you get to the job. There are dozens of factors that must come together to create the backyard of your dreams. On the larger scale projects, we typically use the first 1-2 appointments for discussion and a general conceptual sketch of the project. Then, there may be 1-2 edits after that. In most cases, there are 3-5 appointments in total before we can provide a price range or the exact project price.


Your first step is to figure out what you want and ask the professionals about the project’s practicality. After making an appointment, an expert would view the outdoor living area and determine if the work desired is achievable with the space provided. Then, a set of landscape drawings from a designer or architect, which we have on-staff full-time, would bring the ideas to paper. These drawings will help to envision the result of your yard. As the planning unfolds, there will be many edits to the first set of landscape drawings.


The best time to act on making your outdoor dreams a reality is in January, when landscapers, hardscapers, designers, etc., are slower and have more time to plan. If you start early enough and move along quickly, you could get started on the project by spring. Large projects like this require a lot of time and could involve electricians, carpenters, other subcontractors, material tie-ups, and supply chain issues. Having all the materials and supplies ready will make the job much easier. You can avoid those headaches by planning with a professional landscape construction contractor and being realistic about your timeline. Too many homeowners wait until the last minute, only to find out their timeline is not feasible with everything they want to do in their backyard.


Any work involving building, electricity, plumbing, or other aspects of your yard’s infrastructure typically requires a permit before any work begins. For example, a plumber is more than likely necessary if you want an outdoor bar or pool house with a sink. Depending on the circumstances, a surveyor or engineer may also be required. Schedules fill up fast, and coordinating everyone involved is a process.

Do you have a nifty idea for your backyard but don’t know where to start? Let the pros at Lamacchia Landscape Construction design and build the backyard of your dreams. Our team of experts can assist from start to finish. Call us today (877)856-9273 or check us out at

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