7 Best Landscape Lighting Ideas for This Summer

Outdoor lighting can be an excellent way to decorate your yard or even patio and create an extension of the indoor living space. That’s especially the case when you want to spend the summer nights out of the house with your friends or family. The catch is to know what kind of lighting to use and when to use it. Keep reading to learn some of this summer’s best landscape lighting ideas. 

String lights

String lights may be a classic choice for outdoor lighting, but they remain a valuable addition to any home. These battle-tested bulbs have stood the test of time, offering countless patterns and decorating ideas to choose from. Their flexibility ensures that you can hang them just about anywhere, making them a smart and versatile choice for illuminating any space. So, go ahead and have fun experimenting with them to spruce up your home’s ambiance. 

Solar lights

In search of an affordable alternative to landscape lighting? Consider solar lights! Though they lack the flexibility of string lights, you can still create a warm and inviting ambiance by lining them along the walkways or patio edges. 


Candles remain a highly underrated option for creating the perfect ambiance. If you’re aiming for romance, they’re the perfect touch. Yet, they’re also great for more practical purposes like lighting. However, one common problem is pesky flying insects disturbing the peace. Don’t forget to cover up your candles to avoid unnecessary distractions! And importantly, always make sure to blow them out once you’re ready to call it a night. 


Enhance your summer landscape design with ground floodlights, an excellent lighting option. Optimize your lighting by spacing them about six feet apart. To achieve the best results, ensure that the floodlights are positioned facing the home’s exterior. Get creative with your placement and elevate your outdoor space. 

Small LED lights

Discover the endless possibilities of LED lights for your summer landscape lighting. Their versatility allows them to be placed nearly anywhere, whether it’s along your stairs, walkway, or walls. Plus, their compact size and variety of shapes and sizes make it easy to match your decor. Bring your outdoor space to life with the convenience and style of LED lights. 

Globe lights

Craft your own personalized lighting with easy-to-make globe lights. Using small LED lights or online inspiration, you can make a unique lighting fixture for any space. Combine string or rope with small globe lights for a stunning effect. Step up your DIY game and light up your world! 

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